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LIVA'S®  TERRANGE has a high rate of sulfur trioxide (SO3) dissolved in water. It wholly consists of efficient raw materials. It also contributes to plant energy and vitality thanks to a specific additive used in its production. Crystallization does not occur in the product even in very cold conditions. Therefore, it is used completely homogeneously. The whole product enters into reaction with the soil.


LIVA'S®  TERRANGE is a very strong pH reducer (decreaser). If about 100 cc LIVA'S®  TERRANGE is added to 100 L of water, it will reduce the pH of 100 L water by about 1.1 units.

It dissolves the bonded macro and micro elements in soil and ensures their uptake by the plant. It does not contain nitric acid or phosphoric acid. It clears the pipes of the drip irrigation system which are clogged due to the lime in water and loosens the soil;

if there are injured or diseased roots in the environment, it will not cause scorching or burning in the roots. The nitrogen in the form of special ammonium in LIVA'S®  TERRANGE can convert into amine in plant roots. It can also contribute to the plant's ability to cope up with high pH rate.

LIVA'S®  TERRANGE is both a plant nutrient and soil acidifier.


CROP Application Through Soil

(per Decare)

Application Frequency Application Time
Unshelled rice, wheat, barley 1 – 2 Liter(s) / decare At 10-day intervals During the vegetative growth, pre-blooming, post-blooming and fruit formation stages


Sugar beet, potato, onion 2 – 3 Liters / decare At 15-day intervals
Corn, sun flower, cotton, canola 2 – 3 Liters / decare At 15-day intervals
In vegetables 2 – 4 Liters / decare At 1-week intervals
Orchard, vineyard and garden plants 2 – 4 Liters / decare At 3-week intervals
Ornamental plants and grass areas 2 – 3 Liters  / decare At 3-week intervals During and after the foliation and tillering stages

In fruit orchards LIVA'S®  TERRANGE can be applied to soil at a quantity of 1 – 3 liter(s) per decare during the autumn and winter periods when plants are dormant.

In vegetable production areas LIVA'S®  TERRANGE can be applied to soil at a quantity of 1 – 2 liter(s) per decare before seedlings are planted.

In field crops LIVA'S®  TERRANGE can be applied to soil at a quantity of 1 – 2 liter(s) per decare before sowing. It may also be applied before emergence, if possible.

If applied through the sprinkler irrigation system, LIVA'S®  TERRANGE T is started to be given to the system alone in the first moments of the irrigation and the sprinkling is kept in operation for a little while more after LIVA'S®  TERRANGE finishes. In this application the drip irrigation dosages indicated in the table may be increased by a factor of one.

Carry out the applications during the day when there is intensive photosynthesis activity, to wit, early in the morning or evening.


LIVA'S®  TERRANGE is not mixable with any other agricultural pesticide or chemical fertilizer. Apply it separately. The tank to be used should be kept clean at all times.




Salinity occurs as a result of faulty fertilization in greenhouses and open areas. This, in turn, leads to yield losses in production. In consequence of fertilizing practices, fertilizer accumulates in the soil, causing salinity. Over time these soils become barren and infertile. This causes diminishing fruit size and poor development of plants. Flowering, apical growth and fruit growth slows down


Therefore, if a calcium compound is introduced to a soil with an excessive amount of replaceable sodium arising from faulty fertilizer application, the physical condition of the soil is improved because calcium replaces the sodium on the soil colloids. As a result, the plants can manifest proper growth because of the better aeration of the soil and the easy movement of the water in the soil.

LIVA’S®  SALTOFF improves the soil condition by replacing the excess sodium (Na) on the soil colloids with the calcium supplied together with the polycarboxylic acid groups defined by us as organic compounds. Upon the displacement of sodium, the passage of the other plant nutrients to the roots becomes more comfortable.

LIVA’S®  SALTOFF is a concentrated solution. It is only used diluted. Application is recommended according to the soil condition.

LIVA’S®  SALTOFF increases water permeability and decreases salinity because of its strong acidification in all kinds of soil conditions. It facilitates the dissolution of soil-bound nutrients and their uptake of by plants.


   (Total Dissolved Salts)


(Method: Conductometry)

EC With 1 m3 Irrigation Water
Saline Water 600 – 1.300 0.9 – 2.0 10 – 40 cc
1.300 – 2.500 2.0 – 4.0 40 – 70 cc
2.500 – 4.000 4.0 – 6.25 70 – 100 cc
Saline Soils (Heavy Soils)

EC = 3 – 4 dS/cm

 (Medium Soils)

EC= 2 – 3 dS/cm

 (Light Soils)

EC < 2 dS/cm

40 – 60 Liters / ha 30 – 40 Liters / ha 15 – 30 Liters / ha



LIVA’S®  SALTOFF is not mixable with any other product. It is used alone