Along with its high rate of organic matter components, BADE'S®HUMIFULL contains a marked rate of potassium and a high rate of humic and fulvic acids. Having a very low level of moisture, BADE'S®HUMIFULL is in a rapidly dissoluble powder form. It enhances seed germination and root growth. Initiation of BADE'S®HUMIFULL application is recommended, in case of field crops, during the tuber, bulb, boll formation, grain-filling, fruit stages, and, in case of ornamental plants, after the budding stage and before the growth periods.




Thanks to its humic and fulvic acid contents, BADE'S®HUMIFULL ensures the added nutrients to become useful and prevents losses. It implements this through its inherent chelating property. By dissolving the hard structure within the soil, it ensures plant root growth and regulates the physical and chemical structures of the earth. It enhances the soil permeability in heavy textured soil and the water holding capacity in light textured soil. By facilitating the intake of plant nutrients into the plant body, it promotes efficiency and quality.


BADE'S®HUMIFULL can be used through foliar, sprinkling and drip irrigation applications in all cultivated plants. BADE'S®HUMIFULL ensures the reproduction of beneficial microorganisms active in soil, facilitating the reduction of the toxic effect of excessive fertilizing and the chemical and herbicide residues.

BADE'S®HUMIFULL should be used especially in soils with a high phosphorous content at more frequent intervals. It plays a part in ensuring the nitrogen-containing fertilizers as applied to soil to hold onto the soil.


If applied by sprinkler irrigation, add BADE'S®HUMIFULL into the irrigation system at the last moments of irrigation and stop sprinkling while fertilizer is finishing. In this application, the dosages as stated in the table may be increased by one-fold.

No residue complications in plant; no spot and contaminaton on leafs, by BADE'S®HUMIFULL preharvest interval is (0) day’s between last application and harvesting. Where Bombus terrestris (earth bumblebee) has been used as a pollinator in greenhouse and outdoor crops, it will not be a problem when giving BADE'S®HUMIFULL applications.


5.MISCILIBITY : BADE'S®HUMIFULL MIXABLE with all kinds of licensed fertilizers and agricultural pesticides except for calcium. Make sure to carry out a preliminary test before mixing with any other plant nutrition or protection products.

For foliar applications, it is recommended to thoroughly mix and dissolve the quantity to be used in drip irrigation or sprinkling in 15 – 20 liters of water and then to transfer the same to tank.




1.Guaranteed Content                                                                                                 w/w

Total Organic Matter                                                                                                       60

Total Humic+Fulvic acid                                                                                                 65

Water soluble Potassium Oxide(K2O)                                                                           ≥12

pH Range                                                                                                                      8-8,5

Moisture(max)                                                                                                              ≤5-6