LIVA'S®  CALCIBOR+N is an economical product applicable during the vegetative growth, flowering and fruit set, and pre-harvest periods and consisting of a high rate of water soluble calcium oxide (CaO)  and nitrogen (N) as useful for plants.

Calcium ion takes the lead among the elements in soil having the most alkaline character. Calcium, following nitrogen and potassium, is one of the plant nutrients as taken up most by plants from soil. However, as the quantity of its presence in soil increases, an elevation is observed in soil reaction (pH).


LIVA'S®  CALCIBOR+N has a special inherent structure promoting the calcium intake by the plant as well as its convenience. Calcium (Ca) as released is an absolutely essential nutrient for plants.

In case of calcium deficiency, coloration is delayed and fruit flesh becomes fibrous. Such type of fruit is not preferred on the market. Even though the soil may contain a sufficient amount of lime or obtainable calcium, if irrigation or rainfall is not sufficient or regular, calcium deficiency may be observed. In such cases, LIVA'S®  CALCIBOR+N may be applied with confidence.


LIVA'S®  CALCIBOR+N will not evaporate or be washed, or burn the plant during applications. It will not cause alkalinity in soil or on leaf. It will not have the effect of salinity. LIVA'S®  CALCIBOR+N which ensures the calcium to remain water soluble within the plant cell has a special structure.


General application dosage is 350 – 450 cc LIVA'S®  CALCIBOR+N per 100 liters of water, and, further, application should be carried out as a layer BENEATH AND ON TOP OF LEAF.       A minimum of two applications is recommended during a season in order to be able to observe the full effect.

Crop Foliar Application (with 100 L water) Soil Application (per 1.000 m2) Application Frequency Application Period
Unshelled Rice, Wheat, Barley, Cotton, Corn, Sunflower 200 – 450 cc 300 cc / decare At 15-day intervals  

During the vegetative growth, flowering and fruit set, and pre-harvest periods

In vegetables 250 – 350 cc 600 cc / decare At 2-week intervals
Vineyard, Olive and Horticultural Fruit Crops 350 – 500 cc 750 cc / decare At 2-week intervals
Ornamental Plants and Grass Areas 300 cc 500 cc / decare At 2-week intervals
Back pump applications with 50 cc / 10 liters of water


If applied by sprinkler irrigation, start adding LIVA'S®  CALCIBOR+N into the irrigation system during the last moments of irrigation and stop sprinkling while fertilizer is finishing. In this application, the dosages as stated in the table may be increased by one-fold.

No residue complications in plant; no spot and contaminaton on leafs, by LIVA'S®  CALCIBOR+N  Preharvest interval is (0) day’s between last application and harvesting. Where Bombus terrestris (earth bumblebee) has been used as a pollinator in greenhouse and outdoor crops, it will not be a problem when giving LIVA'S®  CALCIBOR+N applications.


LIVA'S®  CALCIBOR+N is mixable with all kinds of chemicals and fertilizers, except for fertilizers containing phosphorous and sulphate. Make sure to carry out a preliminary test before mixing with any other plant nutrition or protection products.

If applied through drip and sprinkler irrigation systems, it is recommended to be applied solely.





1.Guaranteed Content                                                                              w/w

Total Nitrogen (N)                                                                                        5

Urea Nitrogen(N-NH2)                                                                                5

Water soluble Calcium Oxide(CaO)                                                           15

Water soluble Boron(B)                                                                              0,2

pH Range                                                                                                  5-6

Density (gr/cm3)                                                                                       1,27