LIVA’S FIORI 3.24.0+5Zn+1Mn


LIVA'S®  FIORI 3.24.0+5Zn+1Mn ensures the healthy growth and development of the plant.

LIVA'S®  FIORI 3.24.0+5Zn+1Mn is an economical product applicable during the tillering and vegetative growth stages and immediately before flowering, and consisting of nitrogen, zinc and a high rate of phosphorus as useful for plants.


General application dosage is 250 – 300 cc LIVA'S®  FIORI 3.24.0+5Zn+1Mn per 100 liters of water, and, further, application should be carried out as a layer BENEATH AND ON TOP OF LEAF. A minimum of two applications is recommended during a season in order to be able to observe the full effect.

LIVA'S®  FIORI 3.24.0+5Zn+1Mn produces a high effect if used in drip irrigation, sprinkling and foliar applications.

Crop Foliar Application (with 100 L water) Soil Application (per 1.000 m2) Application Frequency Application Period
Unshelled Rice, Wheat, Barley, Cotton, Corn, Sunflower 300 – 350 cc 300 cc / decare At 10-day intervals  

During the tillering and vegetative growth periods and immediately before flowering


In vegetables 250 – 300 cc 450 cc / decare At 2-week intervals
Vineyard, Olive and Horticultural Fruit Crops 300 cc 450 cc / decare At 3-week intervals
Ornamental Plants and Grass Areas 300 cc 350 cc / decare At 3-week intervals
Back pump applications with 30 cc / 10 liters of water


DO NOT EXCEED THE RECOMMENDED DOSAGE due to the high effect of the product.


Do not use pH REDUCER. There is no need on account of the specific structure of LIVA'S®  FIORI 3.24.0+5Zn+1Mn.


If applied by sprinkler irrigation, add LIVA'S®  FIORI 3.24.0+5Zn+1Mn into the irrigation system at the last moments of irrigation and stop sprinkling while fertilizer is finishing. In this application, the dosages as stated in the table may be increased by one-fold.

No residue complications in plant; no spot and contaminaton on leafs, by LIVA'S®  FIORI 3.24.0+5Zn+1Mn. Preharvest interval is (0) day’s between last application and harvesting. Where Bombus terrestris (earth bumblebee) has been used as a pollinator in greenhouse and outdoor crops, it will not be a problem when giving LIVA'S®  FIORI 3.24.0+5Zn+1Mn applications.


LIVA'S®  FIORI 3.24.0+5Zn+1Mn is mixable with all kinds of chemicals and fertilizers, except for calcium, sulphur and high alkali products. Make sure to carry out a preliminary test before mixing with any other plant nutrition or protection products.





1.Guaranteed Content                                                                               w/w

Total Nitrogen (N)                                                                                         3

Urea Nitrogen(N-NH2)                                                                                 3

Water soluble Phosphore Pentaoxide(P2O5)                                            24

Water soluble Zinc(Zn)                                                                                 5

Water soluble Manganese(Mn)                                                                    1

pH Range                                                                                                   1-3

Density (gr/cm3)                                                                                        1,35