LIVA’S®  FORZA NPK provides balanced nutrition by being used during the growth and ripening periods, in case of field crops, of tuber, bulb, boll formation, grain-filling, fruit, and, in case of ornamental plants, after the budding stage. It assists the plants to better withstand stressful conditions.

Thanks to the balanced supplement of trace elements, amino acids and organic nitrogen as it features, it prevents, as auxiliary fertilizer, the interruption of the developmental and reproductive actions within the plant body.


Through the drip irrigation, sprinkling and foliar applications, LIVA’S®  FORZA NPK ensures grains and fruit to have a more vibrant appearance. It adds a synergistic effect to all the physiological procedures which will enable an increase in the proportion of the protein, brix and dry matter depending on the type of the plant. By maintaining the balance of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), which is essential for the plant at pre-harvest stage in order to obtain the quality factors in fruit, it assumes a facilitative role.

Thanks to the fully dissolved organic matter structure it features, LIVA’S®  FORZA NPK plays a part in rendering the soil bound macro- and microelements as useful. It prevents the consumption of the concomitantly used solid (powdered, granular) drip irrigation fertilizers by the plant and their wash-away from soil through irrigation. Thus, it contributes to the enhancement of the physical, chemical and biological structure of the soil. It promotes efficiency of humic acid.


Crop Foliar Application (with 100 L water) Soil Application (per 1.000 m2) Application Frequency Application Period
Unshelled Rice, Wheat, Barley 200 – 400 cc   At 10-day intervals Immediately before flowering and after tuber, bulb, boll formation, grain-filling, fruit and bud set until harvest


Sugar Beet, Potato, Onion 400 – 500 cc   At 15-day intervals
Corn, Sunflower, Cotton, Canola 400 – 500 cc   At 15-day intervals
Vegetables 300 – 500 cc 2 – 3 liters / decare At 1-week intervals
Fruit, Vineyard and Garden Plants 750 – 1.000 cc 3 – 4 liters / decare At 2-week intervals
Ornamental plants and Grass Areas 300 – 500 cc 2 – 2,5 liters / decare At 2-week intervals
Back pump applications with 100 cc / 10 liters of water


If applied by sprinkler irrigation, add LIVA’S®  FORZA NPK into the irrigation system at the last moments of irrigation and stop sprinkling while fertilizer is finishing. In this application, the dosages as stated in the table may be increased by one-fold.

No residue complications in plant; no spot and contaminaton on leafs, by LIVA’S®  FORZA NPK preharvest interval is (0) day’s between last application and harvesting. Where Bombus terrestris (earth bumblebee) has been used as a pollinator in greenhouse and outdoor crops, it will not be a problem when giving LIVA’S®  FORZA NPK  applications.


LIVA’S®  FORZA NPK is easily MIXABLE with all kinds of licensed fertilizers and agricultural pesticides. Make sure to carry out a preliminary test before mixing with any other plant nutrition or protection products.


1.Guaranteed Content                                                                                 w/w

Total OrganicMatter                                                                                       25

Total Nitrogen (N)                                                                                         4,5

Organic Nitrogen(N)                                                                                     2,2

Urea  Nitrogen (N-NH2)                                                                                2,3

Total Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5)                                                                4

Water Soluble Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5)                                                 4

Water soluble potassium oxide (K2O)                                                             6

Water Soluble Boron (B)                                                                             0,05

Water Soluble Copper (Cu)                                                                        0,05

Total Iron (Fe)                                                                                             0,35

Water Soluble Manganese (Mn)                                                                 0,25

Water Soluble Molybdenum (Mo)                                                             0,003

Water Soluble Zinc (Zn)                                                                             0,35

Free aminoacids                                                                                         3,25

pH Range                                                                                                 2,5-4,5

Density (gr/cm3)                                                                                         1,25