LIVA'S ®HUMIKO40 is a liquid humic corrector of plant origin specially formulated.

It improves the structural stability of the soil, makes it free, aerated and encourages water retention.With its biological effect LIVA'S®HUMIKO40 increases the microbial population which degrades the organic matter, it also improves the absorption of nutrients by the roots after release of the micro elements. The availability of nutrients depends on soil properties (pH levels, salinity, etc.).

According to these properties, some mineral elements may become unavailable for plants,

LIVA'S®HUMIKO40 seizes minerals locked in the soil and also retains newly applied fertilizers, thus preventing their leaching.



general dosage : 300 – 500 cc/hl


Vegetables              15 l / ha                          After transplant, interval of 15 days

Citrus                     10 l / ha                          Before flowering and 20 days after flowering

Fruit trees              10 l / ha                          Before flowering and 20 days after flowering

Ornamental plants    15 l / ha                          After transplantation at intervals of 15 to 20 days


These doses are indicative and the user will be responsible for enlarging or reducing them depending on the vegetative state of the plant and the characteristics of the soil and the crop. Application under the supervision of a technical agronomist is strongly recommended.





Guaranteed Content
p/p p/v
Total Organic Material 35 50.8
Total Nitrogen(N) 2 10
Organic Nitrogen(N) 2 2.54
Potassium oxide(K2O)water soluble 3 3.81
Humic +fulvic acid 40 20.32
Free aminoacid 1 1.27


Density:1,27 kg/lt Ph:4-6 Colour: Brown