LIVA’S ®MOLIBOR boron and molybdenum elements, from the planting phase of plants, especially in the flowering and pollination phases, through the life of all plants, are two elements that must be given a balanced way.LIVA’S ®MOLIBOR Ensures optimal metabolism of nitrates, ensuring good vegetative growth. It accelerates the photosynthetic translocation of the main endogenous (hormone) and exogenous active substances (agrochemicals, insecticides, fungicides, fertilizers, etc.) from the point of entry or synthesis of the plant to the sap channels through the cell membranes

The use of LIVA’S ®MOLIBOR is recommended for: Boron element, planting the plant, in all plants, is necessary to maintain the water balance, is necessary for cell division. Depending on this deficiency, the boron element is very important in plant structures. The use of boron in the early stages increases the endurance of the cell, so it blocks the damage caused by diseases and other damage. Boron decently affects the intake of phosphorus and calcium in plants in a good way. When lack of molybdenum and boron, root improvement decreases. In the absence of boron, there is a germination deficiency in the pollen powders. While lack of molybdenum, the flowers remain in place without flowering and the creation of pollen is obstructed. Molybdenum is an element that is needed, in pulses, for Rhizobium bacteria to bind the nitrogen element to the atmosphere and this situation has good effects on increasing the efficiency on the pulses. When the lack of molybdenum, the chlorophyll capacity decreases, since molybdenum is extremely necessary for the synthesis of chlorophyll.



Greenhouse products:

From the planting stage to the harvest, it can be applied several times from the leaf. Via drip irrigation system, it can be applied several times during the season 0.5-1.5 l / 1000 liters of water / ha to the foliage


This is applied in the spring. 1-2 more application in the season. 0.5-1.5 l / 1000 liters of water / ha foliar

Fruit with seed, apple, pear, quince, peach, apricot, plum;

 In the pink bud stage, until the fruit grows to the size of a walnut applied 1-2 times. 0.5-1.5 l / 1000 liters of water / ha foliar

Vineyard: Before flowering. By mixing at least 100 liters of water to be declared, applied by spraying on the leaves. 0.5-1.5 l / 1000 liters of water / ha foliar.



1.Guaranteed Content                                                                                w/w

Boron(B) water soluble                                                                                  5

Molybdenum(Mo)  water soluble                                                                   3

Density: 1,2kg/lt  Ph:7-9  Colour :Green